Partnering with Small Business Owners

Hiring Tools


Any small business owner can look at a resume and see which candidates have the education or technical skills to do the job.  I partner with owners to help them through the harder part of the process, hiring for FIT.  Together we can create an ad and interview questions that uncover key attributes and culture fit.

Employee Feedback


The leaders that I work are typically superstars in their industry. Many, however, don't have a lot of training when it comes to giving employees feedback. I work directly with you to help you build that skill and to create a performance feedback system that promotes professional growth which improves your bottom line.

Your Leadership Style


Looking to be an even better leader but aren't sure how to articulate or define a leadership style that is authentic to you?  I'll help you build on your strengths and put into practice some leadership habits that help give you the team and company culture that you've always wanted.

Real Colors for Teams


All teams interact with people of many  different personalities from clients to co-workers.  A Real Colors workshop is a super fun way to learn how to speak in the language of the listener and listen in the language of the speaker.

Happiness Culture


Building culture is a team sport and the best teams have a positive culture where everyone contributes.  This engaging workshop focuses on bringing more happiness into the business and sustaining positive change.

We Before Me


Having one, two, or even a bunch of individual superstars doesn't make a great team.  For those struggling with team cohesion, I can facilitate a workshop that builds team synergy and sustains a more collaborative work environment.