Bank on Happiness- Programs for Retail Branches

Leadership Alignment


Often branches have their own unique feel.  While this is okay to some extent, most smaller banks and credit unions want a consistent experience for the customer.  I work with leadership teams to help define what you want your customers to experience and how to make is consistent among the branches.

Positive Communication


Learn more about positive communication with customers and team members and how when everyone speaks the same language, a natural transfer of trust occurs from team members to clients.  Value added conversations build customer loyalty.

We Before Me


Having one, two, or even a bunch of individual superstars doesn't make a great team.  For those struggling with team cohesion, I can facilitate a workshop that builds team synergy and sustains a more collaborative work environment. 

Real Colors for All Employees


All teams interact with people of many  different personalities from clients to co-workers.  A Real Colors workshop is a super fun way to learn how to speak in the language of the listener and listen in the language of the speaker.

Happiness IS your Competitive Advantage


Building culture is a team sport and the best teams have a positive culture where everyone contributes.  This engaging workshop focuses on bringing more happiness into the branch and sustaining positive change.

Branch Manager Excellence


Leading a banking or credit untion branch is challenging and rewarding.  Learn how my strength based leadership approach earned a small town dental practice national accolades.