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The Rest of My Story…

I started We Before Me because I wanted to positively impact as many people’s work lives as possible.  During our work years, most of us spend more time at work than we do sleeping or any other single activity.  I know that, in the right environment, work can be a source of energy and place where we make progress toward work that is meaningful to us.   I work with leaders to help them create this type of environment; a positive culture where team accomplishments trump individual accolades and every person harnesses their strengths to make a meaningful impact on the company.  I also enjoy working with team members at every level so they can uncover their natural talents and lead from whatever seat they have in the company.

Using positive leadership tools and research from Harvard, Yale, UPenn, and The University of Michigan, learn how to bring out the best in people and create a positive team culture.

Happy Clients Testimonials


"Michele possesses the gift of communication with employees and owners that brings down barriers and egos at the same time.  She makes addressing difficult issues seem easy after being given the right communication skills to do so. Often, I think about the skills Michele has developed in me when leading my team."

Macare Lumbrezer DDS

"Michele's style of leadership and the way in which she facilitates her classes is excellent; she is strong, clear, concise, confident, along with kind, calm and patient.  Every time I take her class or meet with Michele, I come away with actionable methods and ideas for my own leadership in my workplace."


"Michele is a true pleasure to work with. She is an experienced positive force that has had a meaningful impact on my business and staff. Most small business owners do not have the skills or resources to excel in human resources and team building. Our team jokes that she has a “magic wand”. She can take something causing conflict and help everyone walk away feeling heard and agreeing on appropriate action steps. She can help decision-makers see solutions to their growing pains, staffing issues and thoughts, and behaviors that may be causing roadblocks to their future success. Michele has been a coach helping me overcome challenges that were limiting my growth. She’s supported my team in learning about the way each of us thinks, communicate and handles conflict. She has helped in the hiring of new staff and our semi-annual staff performance reviews. It’s been a great investment having Michele as a resource. Grab her while you can! "


"Our dental practice has been recognized nationally in large part because Michele's leadership and her team-building skills have created a positive work environment that attracts quality employees.  Michele has a knack for facilitating meetings and annual retreats that bind us together as a work family and define our internal culture."


"Michele truly understands how to transform teams and inspire leaders, all while keeping it very real.  She doesn't use a canned program or speech-she listens to her clients, takes the time to understand the challenges, then customizes a solution to best accomplish the goals.  Her knowledge and experience paired with her innate ability to relate to her clients and students are unique and unmatched in the industry.  She cares about the result and does whatever it takes to help transform people into what they aspire to be."


"For any methodology to be successful, it needs to be practice and simple.  Otherwise, it won't get done, because-quite frankly-who has the time? Michele's steps for improvement are easy to remember, understand, and implement, all taught in a pleasantly professional manner.  This is the kind of training that affects life changes without all the pressure associated with a heavy subject."